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How we assist businesses- Approach

Our approach involves a balance of interviews, analyses, creative idea generation, and process and organization design

  • Interviews
    • Internal
    • External - representative members of value chain
  • Analyses
    • Internal economics
    • Value chain member economics
    • Competitive capabilities
  • Creative Idea Generation
  • Process and Organization Design
    • Pricing process and decision support systems
    • Offering design
    • Functional implications
    • Organizational skills
    • Links to planning and budgeting processes
    • Performance measurement and rewards

How we assist businesses- Role

Our Role is to build client capability and ensure improved top and bottom line growth by providing:

  • Structure
  • Frameworks
  • Objective challenges
  • Stretching ideas and pragmatic optimism
  • Coaching
  • Commitment to success
  • Quality control


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